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Frequently asked questions

Can i attend classes if i have no experience at all?

Everyone is an absolute beginner with the form of tai chi that I teach. It is called Infinite Tai Chi developed by a gentleman called Jason Chan. He describes the practice as “ A wholesome discipline for perfect harmony in life, wherein lies all of our joy, happiness, health, abundance, compassion, and love.” Doesn’t that sound amazing? 

A note on the class structure and what to expect.

In terms of the class structure, we start with a light warm-up which could either be standing or moving between different postures ( yoga asanas ) before moving onto a single or double chi kung sequence. Chi Kung ( Qi Gong )  is generally a standing practice to balance and revitalize the mind and harnessing both our internal and outer strength. We may also include general flexibility and strengthening exercises from Yoga to ground ourselves before moving onto the  Infinite Tai Chi form ( 5 stages ) which I like to think of as a moving meditation that touches all of the four elements, water, fire, earth, and air. We start with working on the first stage and eventually work up to the 5 stages which is approx 25 minutes long when completed at normal speed.


At the end of the class we will close with a short meditation. 

Who are your clients?

My clients are busy, stressed professionals who like to maximise their full potential at work and at home and who are ready to make a change.They struggle with low energy and high stress levels, and other associated health issues.

What should i wear to class?

You'll need some loose comfortable clothes, plain subdued colours if possible. All our classes are done barefooted.

I have tried lots of fitness classes before. Does this really work?

I never use the word fitness class when talking about the practices that i teach. These are practices that have been developed over thousands of years and are regularly practiced for long term health.  You need to invest in yourself and commit to coming regularly to class to experience and maintain your health. 

If I’m not sure I’m ready to get started, how can I sample work to see if this is the right solution for me?

You can follow me on FaceBook where I put a lot of content about the way I work and my own journey.
Alternatively, you can sign up for a FREE "Get More Energy, Get Stronger and Destress" Tai Chi session

where you will: 


=> Discover how you can increase your energy levels with an easy routine

=> Learn how to destress and move with ease

=> Find out how you can exercise without the strain


If you have any question either email me or call me to see how I can help you to achieve your long term health goals.

How quickly can I expect results?

Most of my clients report dramatic changes with more energy and reduced stress after just one session.

It’s important that you are ready to invest in yourself and that you are committed to make changes to your lifestyle habits.Also, once you start to notice health improvements you will feel dedicated to continue coming to class but you also have a practice you can do anywhere. You are no longer restricted to going to the gym for your physical practice. 

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