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About Gee


Gee Gahir

A Pioneer of  holistic wellbeing services  within the NHS, Gee Gahir  is an intuitive lifestyle coach providing preventative holistic mind-body-space solutions to facilitate wellbeing.


 Her portfolio of skills is an accumulation of 30 years of experience within healthcare, life-sciences and complementary services, which have served to create a balanced perceptive to creating wellbeing naturally  by integrating the best of conventional, traditional & allopathic medicine to manifest health wholistically.

My Story


With just under 30 years of experience in the Health industry, Gee advocates early intervention and prevention holistic mind-body-space practices to facilitate vibrant health and balanced lifestyles. Her portfolio of skills integrates both conventional, traditional & allopathic modalities to serve wellbeing. 

"Holistic" means treating the whole person: body, mind, emotions, spirit, and space. The environment we live and work in influences the quality of our well-being. Our environment conveys an energetic resonance perceived through material and sensory stimuli. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the light we are exposed to, micro and macro nutrition, stress, pollution and our relationships all interact and influence our cellular makeup, leading to health or illness. 

Despite being an avid life scientist, Gee was drawn to explore naturopathic mind-body wisdom in the mid 90's to relieve pain from a congenital bone condition where allopathic methods had failed. After qualifying as a naturopath she continued her research in dis-ease prevention that did not qualify as part of the western medical paradigm, through energy medicine and healing modalities, such as Shiatsu (for critical illness), qigong, reiki, homeopathy and acupressure. Gee specialises in the yoga of breath & sound and practices as a Naturopath & healer. 


  • Mini MBA (Health & Lifescience) 

  • MSc Neuroscience

  • BSc Applied Biology

  • Diploma Psychology

  • Association of British pharmaceutical industry (ABPI) Exams

  • Diploma Natural Nutrition & Naturopathy (College of Natural Nutrition)

Complementary & Holistic Health Qualifications:

  • Diploma Shiatsu, TCM & Qigong (European Shiatsu School)

  • Diploma Seated Acupressure / Certified teacher

  • Reiki Master Level 1 & 2 

  • BWY certified Yoga Teacher – specialised in stress management & hip surgery 

  • Stress Management Trainer (Stress Management Society)

  • Environmental Health Feng Shui Practitioner & Certified Chue Teacher – Geopathic Stress  

registered british wheel of yoga teacher
registered yoga alliance teacher
tai chi training
Healthy Breakfast
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