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20 Min Yoga stretch to wake up and Energise | Start Your Day

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Link : 20 Min Yoga stretch to Wake up and Energise - Link Here

G'Day Viewers,

Yoga to Start Your Day is a great way to refresh and energize for the day ahead Let's stretch the body to release and clear the mind and twist to remove toxins to get you functioning at your absolute awesomeness.

Great for all levels as it focuses on alignment and awareness as well as encourages you to work at your own pace. Find What Feels Good and make it your own. Stretch and strengthen daily.

Cultivate a morning routine that serves you and set yourself up for something great each day.

Start your day with a quick yoga class for flexibility and strength in just 20 minutes!

Thanks for taking time out from your busy day - your body and mind will thank you for it.

Until next time Have an Awesome day and Enjoy the Journey



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