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Yoga for Bedtime | 20 Min Stretch for Better Sleep

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Link : Yoga for Bedtime 20 Min Stretch for Better Sleep - Link Here

G'Day Viewers,

Welcome to your 20 min Bedtime yoga flow for a great night's sleep. I have taken carefully selected yoga poses with the ultimate goal of you having the best night's sleep ever. Poses designed to relax the body, increase circulation, and improve the immune system.

Try this sequence right before bedtime and let me know how you go in the comments section on the channel . If you have a wearable you can see if your REM and Deep sleep time have improved. For me these are the 2 factors I check every morning when evaluating my sleep performance.

This class is great for all levels and no props are required but if you want to be even more relaxed a couple of cushions or a rolled-up mat will assist in Supta Baddha Konasana and one of my favorite poses - Viparita Karani.

Below I have also included some extra tips that have helped to improve the quality of my sleep.

If you want to go one step further - check out my meditation sequence to relax you even deeper. Link Here

Sleep well and Namaste,



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1.Practice Yoga 2-hours before you go to bed to calm your mind and release tension from your muscles. Regular exercise is essential to relieve stress and anxiety from the body and the mind.

2.Set a household bedtime routine in the evening and switch to lamps or dim the main lights in the house. Go to bed at the same time each night to train your body.

3.Add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to a relaxing bath, or your shower gel, for a soak before you go to bed.

4.Keep your room as dark as possible to encourage the production of the hormone Melatonin. Even a sliver of ambient light can disrupt your circadian rhythm.

5.Your bedroom should not be your office. If you can, work in a different room to designate this space for rest and relaxation.

6.Try to cut down on the level of caffeine and sugar you are consuming during the day. If you fancy a hot drink, try a cup of camomille tea

7.Quit smoking! Habitual smokers are prone to consistent sleep disruption and insomnia.

8.While you may enjoy binge-watching Netflix, ditching the screen an hour before you sleep will completely overhaul your bedtime routine.

9.If you are kept up at night thinking about the list of tasks you have to complete, replace each negative thought with a positive statement spoken out loud. This will break your train of thought.

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