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Master the Mind through Breath with Gee Gahir - Holistic Health Coach

Breath imbalance or disconnection is a result of exposure to stress, trauma anything that injures or shocks our mind-body. Physiologically the breath becomes shallow and reversed. This impacts our thoughts and behaviours, as we begin a negative loop cycle.

Conscious breathing alleviates most common symptoms of stress such as anxiety, pain, restless mind, sleeplessness, fatigue, inflammation and low mood by engaging with parasympathetic (restful) stimulation, recalibrating the mind-body.

Gee explains the methodology of full-body breath modified from yogi pranayama practice - Ujjayi, ocean breath or Darth Vader breath, due to the sound effects. Also known as victorious breath because it is one of the most powerful techniques to focus the Mind, and assists in grounding or rooting a restless mind or spirit.

The breathwork can be performed in any well-ventilated space, at any time. Practice daily, beginning with 5mins and increasing by 1 min a day until you achieve 20 mins of fluid breathing to experience the benefits.

About Gee Gahir

A Pioneer of holistic wellbeing services within the NHS, Gee Gahir is an intuitive lifestyle coach providing preventative holistic mind-body-space solutions to facilitate wellbeing.

Her portfolio of skills is an accumulation of 30 years of experience within healthcare, life-sciences and complementary services, which have served to create a balanced perceptive to creating wellbeing naturally by integrating the best of conventional, traditional & allopathic medicine to manifest health holistically.

Working with Gee Gahir

For more information on working with Gee you can reach out to her at or email .


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